GE Reverse Osmosis System

Depending on the filtration system in your home and piping in your area, your water supply may be full of excess minerals and harmful contaminants. Excess minerals yield harder water and contaminated water is often the cause of illnesses.

There's a solution to the problem. Reverse osmosis filters are one of the most effective methods of purifying water. A reverse osmosis filter can effectively remove all impurities and harmful contaminants from your faucet, giving you the cleanest water possible for your home and family. Reverse osmosis will remove nitrates, chromium and mercury giving you a more refreshing and better tasting glass of water.

At Pristine Environmental Solutions, we specialize in the service and installation of reverse osmosis filters for your home or office. Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter:

  • Filters out all contaminates leaving 99.9% pure water
  • Filters spores, mold and chemicals
  • Filters out Sodium from an existing Water Softener
  • Filters out Pharmaceuticals that may be in your water

Get the best water possible, call Pristine Environmental Solutions today.