Pro Elite

GE, an innovator in water technology, has crafted the Pro Elite professional series water treatment system to the highest standards. Your investment will reward you with quality water throughout your home. As an added bonus, you can now keep an eye on the system's functions from anywhere in your home with the new REMOTE MONITOR.

The bold, contemporary enclosure design places the Pro Elite in a class of its own. Its contoured triangular shape and two-toned grey/metallic finish make it a standout among contemporary home appliances.

  • SMART THINKING: Full-digital electronic controller commands system through all stages of operation and adjusts according to your water usage.
  • EFFICIENCY EXPERT: Only regenerates when needed, saves time, energy and money.
  • CONVENIENT REMOTE MONITOR: Monitors system operation from up to 100 feet away. Easy-to-read, 4-function LCD display. Counter top or wall-mount installation options.
  • FIRST ALERT: Conductivity cells instantly alert the system controller to any change in water quality.
  • NEVER FORGETS: Memory back-up retains settings during power outages.
  • ONLY THE FINEST: Components constructed of the very best materials to withstand corrosion and wear.

Here are some of the key features that make this system a must have:


Pro Elite without Remote Monitor (Demand)

Pro Elite with Remote Monitor (Analyzer)

24/7 monitoring
  • Automatically adjusts to changing water conditions. Ensures a continuous supply of quality water
Regeneration accuracy
  • Efficiency expert ? only regenerates when needed, saving time, energy and money
Advanced conductivity cell technology
  • Replaces traditional metered and time clock controls
  • Conductivity cell design is innovative and market proven
  • Superior conductivity with non-corrosive18-karat gold-plated probes
  • Instantly alerts the system controller to any change in water quality
Easy on the environment
  • Fewer regeneration and rinse cycles conserve water and regenerant
Remote monitor
  • Easy-to-read, 4-function LCD display
  • Wrench - self-diagnostic function
  • Regenerant Tank - no or low regenerant
  • Transmitter - remote receiving signal
  • Regenerate - system regenerating
The bold, contemporary enclosure design places the Pro Elite in a class of its own

LCD Display Icons

  • Wrench-System may require service. contact your GE Water Professional
  • Regenerant Tank- Regenerant tank is low. Please refill tank.
  • Transmitter-Remote is working properly and receiving signal
  • Arrow-System is regenerating